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Hygienic hand gel 70% Alcohol
Hygienic hand gel 70% Alcohol
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SANIT GEL is a hydro-alcoholic hygienic hand gel, for cleaning without water, dries quickly and is perfumed, there is no need to rinse. Particularly useful when water is not available. Its formula, containing 70% of alcohol, allows a long lasting hygiene and leaves hands soft and clean. SANIT GEL is useful in public places, when surfaces can be a vehicle for bacteria (door handles/knobs, lift buttons, public transport). This hand gel can be used, after washing hands, as a further protection. SANIT GEL is ideal where an high level of hygiene is required: restaurants, bars, medical practice, dentist’s surgery, food industry, canneries, rest homes, communal areas. Ideal by H.A.C.C.P. protocol. Registered as EU cosmetic.